Are you looking for the absolute best company to sell your Home Health or Hospice business? ...
Year in and year out, that’s all we do! 

Selling home health companies is our specialty. In fact, it’s unlikely that any other firm has a stronger focus on the industry than we do.

When it comes to discussing the sale of your Home Health, do you really want to waste your time explaining payor mix, average daily census, reimbursements, and a host of other home health specific terms to a business broker - a person that normally sells laundromats and pizza joints? I doubt it. 

Selling your business is difficult enough without utilizing an intermediary that knows all of the terminology, is familiar with the intricacies, and knows exactly what the largest national buyers are looking for. And, let's not forget, also knows how to present your business so that both strategic and financial buyers will want to buy it!

Since we have those relationships, we also know what buyers are currently paying to owners looking to sell their Home Health agencies and we provide our sellers with a free but thorough valuation of their business; providing a great starting point and a very good idea of what the business is worth.

Not only is our valuation free, all of our services are free of any up-front cost and could possibly be completely free to the seller of the home health agency altogether.

How to sell your home health should involve options, not just the standard listing. We have several unique approaches that have helped us to become the go-to advisors to not only home health sellers, but buyers as well. 

We simply could not afford to engage clients with no up-front costs if we didn’t end up consummating successful transactions much more often than not!

Why You Should Work With Us
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Other Areas of Expertise:
Listed below are some of the things that we offer that others simply can't or won't: 
NO up-front costs/fees
NO monthly costs/fees
NO Valuation costs/fees
SUCCESS ONLY Fee structure
Several different selling options
A selling option that costs YOU nothing
THE largest universe of registered buyers
Truly aggressive marketing
A deep knowledge of your industry
A proven track record of success
Top 10 Mistakes that Sellers Make, How we can help with no up-front costs, Why you should choose us, Sellers Frequently Asked Questions, and much more....Learn more
Not only is our valuation free, all of our services are free of any up-front cost and could be completely free to the seller....Learn more
Currently available Buy-Side and Sell-Side Opportunities.
Plus an M&A Glossary and a description of the sale process....Learn more
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Free Valuation with No Obligation.
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Why sell your Home Health or Hospice with HomeHealthBuyers.com?

That's easy; 

WE actually WORK for you. 

We find the absolute best price for your business through  our network of registered buyers or through competitive offers.

HomeHealthBuyers.com presents your business DIRECTLY to our national buyers. If for some reason they don't acquire it, we'll get on the phone and find someone that will!

We have an extensive list of national buyers and contact them until we find the buyer that's right for your Home Health. Most of the time these buyers purchase what we offer them, but if for some reason they do not, we will get on the phone and find other buyers; UNTIL YOUR BUSINESS IS SOLD! 

The real question is - Why choose a company that just lists your Home Health business on the open market?...
ANYONE can provide that.

Call 855-852-3847 now for a personalized action plan and a confidential free Valuation.
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